Modern Loft Living

Baring the Walls


Older buildings that were originally for light manufacturing or warehousing goods have become a wonderful way to provide housing for those who want the industrial look. Many of these buildings were originally constructed from local stone and brick, and they had thick wooden floors. Durability was an important factor, and it is still paying off today. For those who seek the industrial look for their new home, purchasing an older building and baring the walls is just the beginning.

Stones from local quarries were often used in the construction of large buildings, and they were often rough hewn. Today that look is making a comeback when it comes to remodelling older commercial buildings, and it has several attractions. Those old stone walls have often stood for at least a century, and a bit of new mortar here and there can see them stand for another. In addition to their durability, the look of those thick stone walls adds a quirky charm and strength to an industrial styled home.

Bricks were often made of local materials because they were heavy to move very far, and it made them ideal for use in many older buildings. They became a sign of quality and pride in some areas of the world, and baring them today can be a good part of the spare look for an industrial style of apartment. The colours are often close without being absolute duplicates, and they add texture and interest to any room. Baring them from false walls that may have been put up over the decades can turn a boring room into one with history.

Those who appreciate the sparse look and charm of the industrial style are looking for something more than added layers. They want bold features that exist separate from the decor, and they often seek a sense of history. Baring the walls of old factories and manufacturing plants can do just that as they are remodelled into apartments or homes.