Creating A Feeling of Space

One of the reasons lofts originally became popular was the lack of investment needed to create a living area, but they have remained popular due to a feeling of space. The bulk of nearly any loft is the open area where the living room, dining and kitchen rooms are located. These areas are left open to help create the look of endless space, and the oversized windows also help. Adding the fact that lofts usually have high ceilings in the main area, the overall effect is one of a vast space for a small amount of money.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and storage areas are usually left small in lofts because they are considered almost non-essential. They are rooms and spaces with a single function, and the general idea is to present those interested in loft living with an open space to entertain guests. For those who are interested in large bedrooms, builders are beginning to create larger loft spaces at a higher price.