Modern Loft Living

Essential Modern Amenities


Buildings advertising modern lofts for rent or sale have found they now need to attract people with modern amenities, and some of them are blatantly extravagant. While the earliest loft dwellers were people with little money to put into living quarters, today’s loft occupants are willing to spend extra cash to get everything they want in a home.

While exposed pipes and beams in a high ceiling are considered part of the décor, lofts today need modern finishes. Many of them provide residents with updated appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen. They bathroom might be done in all marble or tile, and it can contain a soaker tub, enormous shower and dual sinks to accommodate modern needs. These are the areas where amenities are a must, but they are not the only ones.

Lofts are generally located in busy cities, so the idea of having a private pool might seem excessive. Many modern loft buildings do have rooftop pool areas for residents to enjoy, and some of them have landscaped the entire roof and split it into sections so each loft has its own outdoor area. Balconies on some lofts are a draw, and gyms in the basement or bottom floor of the building are now offered in some buildings.

Coffee shops, hair salons, restaurants and other businesses have also become part of the attraction for many loft apartments. The residents can use the amenities when they want convenience, and they need never go outside to arrive at their destination. This type of city living has become a new way to enjoy everything without travel, and it is a successful venue.

Parking is not always an issue in the city because many people do not own a private vehicle, but those who do will need a place to keep it. It has become a recognized way to garner additional income, and some lofts have added garage spaces for a high price. Others have found they do not want to give up that much area, so the residents must park on the street or purchase a space in a local garage.