Modern Loft Living

The Industrial Look


For those seeking open spaces, modern lofts have become a hot item in the real estate market. They want an uncomplicated space with the industrial look, and developers have found it is a good way to recycle older buildings. They often have amenities built in already that include high ceilings and hardwood floors, so their work is comprised of dividing the spaces while adding modern touches that will enhance the apartments and condominiums they are going to sell.

Light fixtures are one area where modern needs could clash with the industrial look, but designers have found ways to compensate. Some of them add flush ceilings with built in lighting, but others have found that using industrial pipes to create unique chandeliers is a better option. Either path will give people the light they need, but each one will appeal to a different segment of the market. Choices might be given to those moving in, or they could pay extra to make changes.

Bathrooms are one of the places where modern amenities are in high demand, so most developers choose to ensure they are up-to-date with every possible amenity. Rain head showers are often a must, but decorative vanities with mirrors and plenty of storage space are also touted when units are toured. Few people mind the lack of harmony with the rest of the space because they crave modern accessories in this one room, but adding a few industrial touches in the lighting and door pulls can bring the space into line with the rest of the apartment.

There are many ways to create a beautiful home in a loft space, and modern designers have found they have plenty of leeway. Their work is to create a simple looking environment that encompasses the ideas of their clients while adding modern touches in a few spaces to make the apartment a true home.